Thursday, January 9, 2014

Alleged Bank Robbery Foiled When Teller Can't Read Holdup Note

ANTIOCH, CA. - Police say a man with every intention of robbing a Wells Fargo Bank, entered that establishment on Monday morning and approached a bank teller.  Without saying a word, the man took out a note and handed it to the teller. The only problem was...the teller couldn't read the note. According to police, the teller was unable to decipher the handwriting and then contacted her manager for assistance. 

As the teller consulted with her manager, police say the suspect made a break for it, exiting the bank through the back door.
Bank staff eventually understood the suspect's intentions and notified police. Later, officers received a call reporting an unwanted guest at the nearby Somersville Towne Center. When they arrived on scene, they found 29-year-old Jamal Garrett who matched the description of the alleged bank robber. 
Witnesses from the failed bank heist positively identified Garrett as the suspect.
He was arrested for attempting to rob the bank, parole violations and poor penmanship.
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