Monday, June 18, 2012

Mitt Romney – Favorably Faces the Nation on Father’s Day while Obama Plays Golf

While many of us have been enjoying a quiet Father’s Day with our families, Mitt Romney remains on the road, sacrificing his all for each of us. He has given up what many of us take for granted, time with family and privacy. In spite of confrontational journalism, Mitt Romney stands resolute in what matters – focused on the needs of the nation. It is after all about the economy! Interestingly enough, Broken Barack, President of the United States, is more focused on the needs of Obama and preserving his position as POTUS. Comparatively, Romney is reassuring in his knowledge, capacity and sense of duty to all American’s. An interviewworthy of viewing.

Obama played his 100th round of golf today to celebrate Father’s Day, nearly four months of time spent in 3 1/2 years golfing, really? Mitt Romney is working for our Nation while Obama plays.

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