Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trayvon--make any sense?

In a other article on this site you will find a poll on just how much America's view on this saga is different by race.
What is very depressing to me is that yes this is a sad part of American history but why did the major media chains lie about it?
As we are aware  now, NBC has apologized and admitted doctoring the 911 calls by Zimmerman.
ABC finally showed an enhanced video of Zimmerman's arrest that shows he was indeed injured but well after they released a video that shown he was not.  Why release the video without enhancing it first?
CNN admitted that they wrongly said that Zimmerman used the word "coon" on the 911 tape but why did they say it in the first place?
Because the major media outlets took so long to admit their wrong doing, well after politicians and celebrities took their stories and ran with them, there is a large segment of our society that believes the initial, admitted wrong stories and now believe the media is lying that they lied in the first place.
People like Sharpton, who do noting but spew hate. are now employed again as gospel tellers.
With Obama's unwarranted comments the American public will never believe the truth and innocent people are and will be hurt.
This writer believes that all of this is no more than a political ploy on behalf of the democrats to divide and confuse the population to be elected again, blindly.  This whole story shows just how low and dirty the democrats are to attempt to benefit from an American  tragedy.
America is a proud and moral country that the democrats want to demoralize.

I look forward to your opinion.

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